Carlos Alan Eperon does vital work behind the scenes of the dance music underground. The Spanish-born but Rotterdam-based talent is an upcoming figure in the Dutch scene and someone who always stays one step ahead of the game. He is a respected booking agent at his own Pontoon Bookings, works at Operator Radio and the N8W8 night council, is busy developing a new concept for a series of events in Rotterdam and, as a content creator, profiles the next generation of DJ talent coming through. Thanks to him, the brightest young stars in the Netherlands get the platform they deserve to shine.

Carlos moved to the Netherlands aged 19 and since then has become a firm part of the scene. He has always been deeply involved with the creative sector and has been immersed deep in Rotterdam’s music culture since falling in love at club BAR and attending every weekend until it closed. His experiences there gave him a real grounding in music and inspired him to set up Every day is Friday from 2019 to 2022. It was an online platform and magazine designed to promote upcoming talent from the Dutch music scene that saw Carlos carefully curate all of the content.

The vital resource featured more than 100 artists via a series of video interviews and short reports, with shows on international radio stations such as Dublab, Operator, and Alhara, plus a monthly podcast, events that mixed music and art all around the Netherlands and an Artist of the Month project. In 2020, he took an internship at the Netherlands’ acclaimed Operator Radio and still works there as a Studio Manager and writes articles for their website. Most recently he set up Pontoon Bookings, an agency that sees him promote some of the finest and freshest new talents in the scene at clubs and festivals all over the Netherlands.

Carlos’s deep love of developing creative concepts began at a young age in Sevilla when he produced a series of short reports and interviews on general topics which evolved into more serious pieces touching on Spanish current affairs and politics. During this time, he also created audiovisual content for a local NGO that works with the homeless in the city and developed a love of independent cinema that saw him record two short fiction films which were selected and shown at local festivals and workshops.

His creative direction evolved once he moved to Rotterdam and he now focuses on the production and management of creative concepts and projects. These included a monthly Short Movie Night at Hostel Room Rotterdam where upcoming Dutch film directors screened their movies and host a Q&A afterward. In short, Carlos Alan Eperon is a quiet workhorse – a devoted cultural curator who is always unearthing and documenting the most essential new sounds, scenes and selectors.