Every day is Friday The Show


Maybe it’s the cosy atmosphere of the hostel bar, the inexpensive beers on tap, the patient bartenders, or the combination of all three that loosens the tongue. Whatever it may be, the night-shift staff has heard it all. Carlos Eperon Beltran had been working at a Rotterdam hostel for only a week when the anthology of extraordinary tales heard inspired him to start a web series on the matter, “Every day is Friday”. Having visited the Netherlands on several occasions, the 21-year-old self-taught filmmaker moved here from Spain after finishing his pre-university studies. Staying with friends in Amsterdam and The Hague, he finally arrived in Rotterdam in October 2017. Last summer, drawing inspiration from the wild side of the city, he put together an international team of actors with which he produced two independent episodes “Monday, I’m in Love” and “The French Waterfall”, to test interest in the concept. In two weeks, they will wrap up the filming for the first episode of the new season at BAR. They hope to eventually send the series to web series festivals. On a sunny April Saturday, I had coffee with him to discuss his project and the upcoming release of the season pilot.

Coffee with Carlos Eperon Beltran – Article by Emma Louise Dailey


  • The French Waterfall

EVERY DAY IS FRIDAY – The French Waterfall.

Two friends, beers, cigarettes, and a sunny dutch afternoon by the river.

  • Monday I’m in love

EVERY DAY IS FRIDAY – Monday I’m in love.

Ted aims to host the event of the week by inviting his international gang of friends to his house party. However, it did no quite go as expected.